Leeds Lavender Catalogue and Veg plants Catalogue

Leeds Lavender
Catalogue and Vegetable Plants Catalogue 

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Lavender plugs are available mail order at a cost of £1.20 per plug + p+p but please allow 28 days for delivery.

This is a summary of Lavender plants available followed by a link to view all the Vegetable Plants we grow. Special discounts are available for allotment societies which order vegetable plants in advance or in bulk. Telephone 0113 2892922 or email ruthdorrington2009@gmail.com


Variety and brief Description 

Lavandula angustifolia cultivars are sometimes called  English Lavender. They are all fully hardy and sweet smelling, generally with compact foliage. Colours range from deepest dark purple through to pale blue, pink and white.

L. angustifolia 60cm mid blue

L. angustifolia ''Ashdown Forest'' 60cm mid blue

L. angustifolia ''Blue Cushion'' 40cm mid blue. Nice and compact

L. angustifolia ''Bowles Blue'' 60cm mid blue

L. angustifolia ''Cedar Blue''50cm mid blue, excellent hedger

L. angustifolia ''Edelweiss'' 60cm white

L.angustifolia ''Folgate'' 60cm mid-dark blue

L.angustifolia ''Hidcote'' 60cm very dark blue, silver foliage

L.angustifolia ''Hidcote Pink'' 60cm pink

L.angustifolia ''Imperial Gem''60cm very dark blue, silver foliage

L.angustifolia ''Little Lady'' 40cm, mid blue, excellent low hedger

L.angustifolia ''Miss Katherine'' 60cm lilac pink

L.angustifolia ''Munstead'' 45cm, mid blue, popular hedger

L.angustifolia ''Nana Alba''40cm white

L.angustifolia ''Nana Compacta'' 45cm, mid blue

L.angustifolia ''Peter Pan'' 45cm, very dark blue, silver foliage, compact

L.angustifolia ''Rosea'' (syn. Loddon Pink/J Davies) 60cm pink

L.angustifolia ''Royal Purple''  60cm, very dark blue

L.angustifolia ''Silver Edge'' 60cm, mid blue, silver variegated foliage

Lavandula dentata, or toothed Lavender, has distinctly toothed foliage and makes a marvellous specimen in a pot or in the borders. It is vigorous and will form a bushy plant in one season. The pale blue flowers are particularly attractive and it is easily overwintered in a frost free greenhouse.

Lavandula x intermedia is also sometimes known as Lavandin. All the intermedia cultivars are particularly attractive to bees and butterflies and the large flowers have the strongest scent of all the Lavenders. The foliage is silvery and forms a large mound. They are all fully hardy.

L.x intermedia 75cm Light blue

L.x intermedia ''Abrialli'' 70cm , mid blue

L.x intermedia ''Alba'' 90cm , white

L.x intermedia Alba Group, 70cm white

L.x intermedia ''Arabian Night'' 70cm , dark blue

L. x intermedia ''Bogong'' 70cm, dark blue

L. x intermedia Dutch Group  75cm, pale blue, silver foliage

L. x intermedia ''Fragrant Memories'' 75cm , pale blue, silver foliage

L. x intermedia ''Grappenhall'' 80cm, mid blue

L. x intermedia ''Grey Hedge'' 80cm , pale blue

L. x intermedia ''Grosso'', 80cm, mid blue, compact foliage, excellent hedger

L. x intermedia ''Hidcote Giant'' 70cm, mid blue

L. xintermedia ''Hidcote White'' 70cm, white

L. x intermedia ''Lullingstone Castle'' 75cm pale blue

L. x intermedia Old English Group 80cm mid blue

L. x intermedia ''Seal'' 90cm mid blue

L. x intermedia ''Sussex'' 75cm, mid blue, compact foliage


Lavandula lanata 50cm, Silver, woolly leaves and dark blue flowers

L. lanata x angustifolia ''Richard Grey 60cm , silver foliage, dark blue

L. lanata x angustifolia ''Sawyers'' Silver, soft foliage, dark blue flowers


STOECHAS LAVENDERS are also called French Lavender and have distinctive ''Bunny''s Ears'' bracts on the flowers and aromatic foliage. Most are hardy to -5 degrees, but not as robust as the English Lavenders.

L. stoechas ssp lustanica 60cm, dark purple

L.stoechas ssp pedunculata 60cm Large purple flws, pink bracts

L.stoechas ssp pedunculata ''Willow Vale'' 60cm Dark purple, long bracts

L.stoechas ssp stoechas 45cm Dark purple, compact

L.stoechas ssp stoechas forma leucantha (Snowman) 45cm, white

L.stoechas ''Belle Vue'' 60cm, vigorous, very dark purple

L.stoechas ''Blue Form''  60cm , vigorous, very drk purple

L.stoechas ''Blue Star'' 45cm, burgundy

L.stoechas ''Kew Red'' 40cm, Cerise pink, pale pink bracts

L.stoechas ''Liberty'' 60cm Puple, pink bracts

L.stoechas ''Major'' 60cm, dark purple

L.stoechas ''Madrid Blue'' 60cm Lilac with cream bracts

L.stoechas ''Pippa'' 70cm, mid purple

L.stoechas ''Pippa White'' 60cm, large lime green flowers, purple bracts

L.stoechas ''Pukehou'' 50cm mid purple

L.stoechas ''Regal Splendour'' Violet blue

L.stoechas ''Rocky Road'' 50cm purple pink

L.stoechas ''Somerset Mist'' 60cm pale blue with purple bracts

L.stoechas ''Tiara'' lilac flowers, cream bracts

L.stoechas x viridis ''Avon View'' 45cm Deep purple, good habit

L.stoechas x viridis ''Fathead'' 40cm Dark purple, very compact

L.stoechas x viridis ''Somerset Mist'' 60cm pale lilac with peach bracts